Here's the problem with cold weather riding...

At the start of the bike ride, you're cold, So you "layer-up" in undershirts, jackets and vests. But once you start moving, you warm-up" & soon become too hot!

In a perfect world, your "biking buddies" or fellow racers all stop to allow you time to "un-layer." But in the real world, you suffer through the remainder of the ride & wish you hadn't put on so many clothes.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a riding group that is willing to stop so you can shed layers, what do you do with the extra clothes once they're off?

That's the reason for the Bib!
Tandem Bicycle

* It keeps you warm at the beginning of the ride.
* It allows you to "vent" cool air as you warm up.
* It's easy to take off - WHILE YOU RIDE!
* It's easy to store in a jersey pocket.

No More Overheating in Cold Weather!

cycling and outdoor underwear by Weather Warrior

The Problem

Put it on!

Take it off!

Store it!

Order it!

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Weather Warrior's Base Layer Bib has a Patent Pending